You Probably Don’t Need a 4G Tablet.

Are you looking to buy a ‘4G tablet’? …you know, those tablets where you put in a SIM card, so that you can access the Internet on your tablet, without WiFi?

Tablet with Internet connection, in random exotic locations? OK Amigo.

Do you have a Smartphone? Then you don’t need a 4G tablet; a WiFi tablet will do.

Tip: Forget the 4G tablet; get a WiFi version instead, and connect it to the Internet through your 4G (or 3G) smartphone.

This way, you will not only save money, but also you won’t need to buy a separate data plan for your new tablet.

How to connect your WiFi tablet, to a 4G (or 3G) network service through your smartphone.  Continue reading

Opinion: The Perfect Phone

Which one should I get??

Which one should I get?

What is the best phone, right now? The answer is obviously…? My current phone is considered ‘old’, and it may be the time to look for a replacement. However among the flagship phones, any choice will come with compromises. So, I have decided to compile the best parts of all phones, to describe the ‘perfect phone’ for me. Manufacturers, take notes! Continue reading

Your Phone – Faster, Longer Battery Life, No Unwanted Apps…

Have you ever wanted…

  • a faster phone?
  • Better battery life / longer lasting phone?
  • Get rid of those random apps that you never use?

We’ve all been there, and suffered the frustration.

Guy showing smartphone frustration

Smartphone frustrations – this guy knows what’s up. Thankfully, AmigoTips have something to say.

Instead of jumping ship and spending $600 on a new phone, transform your phone into a lovable, responsive, performance powerhouse it can be with AmigoTips.

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Proven Apps for Students: Productivity and Learning

Your smartphone can be used for more than calls, SMS, YouTube, casual internet browsing and Facebook.

Make the best use of your smartphone, by using AmigoTip’s proven apps, to help you be more productive in your studies and in life.

(What do I mean by ‘proven’? It means that I have been using them personally since college, and so can vouch for them!)

Best and most important of all: These 5 apps are all free!

1. Calendar – aCalendar.

aCalendar screenshot

Yes, it is the simplest calendar out there. Yes, each colour represent a goal. (And yes, this poor soul was rejected by Emily… because life).

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Samsung Galaxy S5 >> HTC One (M8). Part Uno.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are numerous comparisons, for the two smartphones that are regarded as the best smartphones around today – the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the HTC One (M8). Most comparisons conclude that both phones are very good phones, and you’ll be happy with either. …OK, great, but which one is better? That is the real question, debated by smartphone enthusiasts, scholars, scientists and all other living organisms alike.

My perspective is that you will be a more satisfied customer, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 than the HTC One (M8).

In a series of posts, I will explain why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better choice than the HTC One (M8), in a subjective comparison. This will eliminate personal bias I have towards whichever phone, and will help you make the easy decision when picking for yourself, family and friends. Continue reading