Tip: Travel Lightly. Here’s a guide.

Hey Amigos and Amigas! I’ve been away for a while, traveling in Philippines! 😀

High fives. More fun in the Philippines.
I carried around a very small and lightweight backpack, and subsequently, received many surprised looks and comments from other backpackers.

Did I have a big luggage instead? No, no luggage at all. After all, it would only drag you down if you were ambushed by a group of ninjas, wouldn’t it? 🙄

So then, what did I take with me on my month-long travel, which attracted much this much  attention? Continue reading

Bus fans, blocking hacks.

If you have traveled around on buses, you would know of the annoyances of the passenger air-conditioning fans that can not be turned off.

Essentially you are stuck in an overnight bus, with freezing air blowing towards you, making your journey very uncomfortable.bus4

However, here are a few AmigoTips you can employ to make your journey more tolerable.  Continue reading