Google’s (phone) Sound Search History, on you computer?

Have you heard of Shazam, or SoundHound? Probably yes; you can identify a song, by using your phone with these apps.

You have probably also heard of Google’s Sound Search. It does the same thing: names a song. Then, you can look up what your search history on your phone.

You can see your history on your phone, easily. But what about on your computer???

On your phone? Easy. But on your computer…???

…But how do you see your music search history, on your computer?

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Reduce your Data Usage with Chrome

On your phone, do you use the Chrome browser (app)?

If not, here’s (another) compelling reason for you to use Chrome: Data reducing feature.

You can save your data, effortlessly.

You can save your data, without even trying.

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CyanogenMod for the Average Amigo

In this article, I will explain what makes CyanogenMod better than stock Android (for me).

What is ‘stock’ Android?

Nexus 4. The back *sparkles*.

Nexus 4. The back *sparkles*.

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Your Phone – Faster, Longer Battery Life, No Unwanted Apps…

Have you ever wanted…

  • a faster phone?
  • Better battery life / longer lasting phone?
  • Get rid of those random apps that you never use?

We’ve all been there, and suffered the frustration.

Guy showing smartphone frustration

Smartphone frustrations – this guy knows what’s up. Thankfully, AmigoTips have something to say.

Instead of jumping ship and spending $600 on a new phone, transform your phone into a lovable, responsive, performance powerhouse it can be with AmigoTips.

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Proven Apps for Students: Productivity and Learning

Your smartphone can be used for more than calls, SMS, YouTube, casual internet browsing and Facebook.

Make the best use of your smartphone, by using AmigoTip’s proven apps, to help you be more productive in your studies and in life.

(What do I mean by ‘proven’? It means that I have been using them personally since college, and so can vouch for them!)

Best and most important of all: These 5 apps are all free!

1. Calendar – aCalendar.

aCalendar screenshot

Yes, it is the simplest calendar out there. Yes, each colour represent a goal. (And yes, this poor soul was rejected by Emily… because life).

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Using Google Calendar to track and achieve your goals.

Using Google Calendars is not much different than using a physical paper Calendar… but, it is much more convenient for us in this day and age.

Google Calendar is something that I have found to be very useful in university (aka college) and in life.

  • I have made custom calendars, in relation to my goals (as recommended in the previous post, to track and achieve your goals).
  • I have set up free reminders (email and SMS… yes, that’s SMS on your phone!) to remind me about future events like exams, study periods, coming assignment due dates, and other important and fun stuff :/
  • Since Google Calendar is ‘in the cloud’, you can access it anywhere with internet connection – my house, uni library, my smartphone, at the cafe with wifi etc.

Best thing of all: it was easy… easy as pie my friends. Yum!

Bloody good lookin' pie

Bloody good lookin’ pie (Pie face)

How to use Google Calendar to help you track, and achieve your goals.

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