Using Google Calendar to track and achieve your goals.

Using Google Calendars is not much different than using a physical paper Calendar… but, it is much more convenient for us in this day and age.

Google Calendar is something that I have found to be very useful in university (aka college) and in life.

  • I have made custom calendars, in relation to my goals (as recommended in the previous post, to track and achieve your goals).
  • I have set up free reminders (email and SMS… yes, that’s SMS on your phone!) to remind me about future events like exams, study periods, coming assignment due dates, and other important and fun stuff :/
  • Since Google Calendar is ‘in the cloud’, you can access it anywhere with internet connection – my house, uni library, my smartphone, at the cafe with wifi etc.

Best thing of all: it was easy… easy as pie my friends. Yum!

Bloody good lookin' pie

Bloody good lookin’ pie (Pie face)

How to use Google Calendar to help you track, and achieve your goals.

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Goals? Track your progress! Part Uno

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We all have goals and dreams. (If not, you definitely should! It will keep you motivated in life, with a sense of purpose and clarity, among other positive things; read more here)

However, we don’t always track them… and eventually, we forget about them and ‘just exist’ with no sense of direction in life.

Then you realise that your life has no purpose, and has no meaning… and so you fall into a downward spiral towards clinical depression.

Thankfully, we can take action to avoid this state of meaninglessness and stagnation, by keeping track of our goals.

It is time, to wake up, focus and become the driver of your life.

It is time, to wake up, focus and become the driver of your life.

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Nobody to Somebody: Importance of Goals. Part 2

Importance of Goals. Part 2.  

In Part 1, we discussed why goals are important – Your goals are your paths to become a happier, better version of yourself.

We’ve also got to know ourselves better, and formulated what we want in our lives…

Remember why we are doing this: We want to make changes in our lives. We want to become better versions of ourselves. We want to be happier, and more fulfilled in our lives… etc.

I want to be at this nice beach...

Ahh… Yep, that’s where I want to be, this December. To do that, I must…

We have also taken steps to understand more about ourselves. We have discovered our true  passions and desires in our lives, and with the new knowledge, we have formulated our own specific goals.

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