Efficient Screen Usage

When we work, we often have many programs opened at once.

For example, we may have Chrome (or Safari) open, and we have Microsoft Word open… and we have some file explorer, and another Chrome window for YouTube, the news, and finally, the boring lecture slides from yesterday…

If you didn’t know, these are in individual ‘windows‘… and sometimes, we end up with too many windows.


… and we panic.KEEP CALM

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HACK: No Can Opener? No problem. (video)

Spaghetti on toast

Never go hungry, again.

Imagine this:

1998. Sydney. Aussies and Kangaroos everywhere, nothing new…

Work finally ended, and he bounces home as fast as he can.

It’s that day of the week, and he can’t wait.

Finally, home. He gets off his kangaroo. He feels his heart pounding faster, as he now rushes towards the front door.

Key. Insert. Not going in. Stuck. God dammit. BAM! Did he died?
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