No Microsoft Office? No Problem. LibreOffice (free)!

Here’s the situation: You need a good word processor, and your Microsoft Office license has expired (or you don’t even have one!). You are also poor, surviving on cardboard.

You will either:

  1. Find a pirated version, of course, of Microsoft Office, and hope that it works on your computer.
  2. Give up on your search, and just resort to using Microsoft’s WordPad that comes pre-installed on your (Windows) computer.
    • … and you know that WordPad is very limited in functionality, and that it is pretty much useless (“… but hey, at least I’m not breaking any laws…“).
  3. Find a document processor that is, pretty much, as versatile as Microsoft Word, free and legal.

Well today folks, The AmigoTips will be talking about point number 3, with an awesome word processor that comes with… LibreOffice!

Not made with Microsoft Word.

Not made with Microsoft Word.

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Efficient Screen Usage

When we work, we often have many programs opened at once.

For example, we may have Chrome (or Safari) open, and we have Microsoft Word open… and we have some file explorer, and another Chrome window for YouTube, the news, and finally, the boring lecture slides from yesterday…

If you didn’t know, these are in individual ‘windows‘… and sometimes, we end up with too many windows.


… and we panic.KEEP CALM

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Work Smarter – Pomodoro Technique, improved.

Working for too long in one sitting, can cause you to ‘crash‘ and ‘burnout’.

In layman terms, this means that you will lose interest in your work, lose your productivity and say, “I’m gonna do this tomorrow” (procrastination).

Burnouts cause loss of productivity.

F*ck this shit, I’m gonna do this tomorrow,” she said.

Amigos, it’s time to work smarter, not harder…

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