Free Downloadable Music on your Android… Nokia’s Mix Radio

Music. We love it. And it’d be better if it was free

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Yup. Mix Radio, on Android. Free downloadable music whaat

Hello, Mix Radio! – by Nokia. Previously, it was exclusively on the Nokia Lumia range (Windows Phone), but now you can get it on your Android device!

That’s free, downloadable playlists of legit music artists, for your offline listening pleasure 🙂

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Download a country’s full map, with Nokia’s Here Maps (for Android!)

Travelling overseas? Backpacking? You’ll agree that it’s probably a good idea to have some map of your destination country…

Heck, but if you’re like me, you don’t like carrying around paper. Instead, we have our smartphones!


Sweet-as 3D view of buildings, and also accommodation details (among others).

And good news for Android Users: Nokia’s Here Maps is finally available for Android!

You may be thinking,

I‘ve already got a good, functional map app, called Google Maps? And Google Maps is the best?

OK amigo/a/friend… but with Google Maps, you can’t download full maps of countries, for offline viewing.

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Google’s (phone) Sound Search History, on you computer?

Have you heard of Shazam, or SoundHound? Probably yes; you can identify a song, by using your phone with these apps.

You have probably also heard of Google’s Sound Search. It does the same thing: names a song. Then, you can look up what your search history on your phone.

You can see your history on your phone, easily. But what about on your computer???

On your phone? Easy. But on your computer…???

…But how do you see your music search history, on your computer?

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Phone Battery Saving Tactics, for Travelling

When you go travelling, you are probably going to take your phone with you. And why shouldn’t you? Smartphones are more than just phones. For our trip, they can:

  • take (decent) photos for your journey,
  • connect to the Internet (for you to update your Instagram or Facebook),
  • contain your itinerary (to save those trees),
  • act as an emergency flashlight… and more.

Essentially, smartphones are multi-functional devices that can make our travels (and life) easier. It may even save your life.


Today, the AmigoTips is here to share those the battery-saving tactics, some which may be obvious, that will actually make a difference (none of that ‘disable widgets’ thing), that you should know for your next trip.

Here’s is your typical scenario…

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Opinion: The Perfect Phone

Which one should I get??

Which one should I get?

What is the best phone, right now? The answer is obviously…? My current phone is considered ‘old’, and it may be the time to look for a replacement. However among the flagship phones, any choice will come with compromises. So, I have decided to compile the best parts of all phones, to describe the ‘perfect phone’ for me. Manufacturers, take notes! Continue reading

Reduce your Data Usage with Chrome

On your phone, do you use the Chrome browser (app)?

If not, here’s (another) compelling reason for you to use Chrome: Data reducing feature.

You can save your data, effortlessly.

You can save your data, without even trying.

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