Opinion: The Perfect Phone

Which one should I get??

Which one should I get?

What is the best phone, right now? The answer is obviously…? My current phone is considered ‘old’, and it may be the time to look for a replacement. However among the flagship phones, any choice will come with compromises. So, I have decided to compile the best parts of all phones, to describe the ‘perfect phone’ for me. Manufacturers, take notes! Continue reading

Reduce your Data Usage with Chrome

On your phone, do you use the Chrome browser (app)?

If not, here’s (another) compelling reason for you to use Chrome: Data reducing feature.

You can save your data, effortlessly.

You can save your data, without even trying.

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The Right Tasks to our Dreams… (and Leonardo)

Here’s a simple tip to get you closer to your goal, whether it’d be a dream car… or house, possession, partner etc.: Choose the right tasks!

Nice house.

…Wouldn’t mind living in this, to be honest…

Choosing the right tasks is crucial, to propel you towards the things you want in life.

The question is: ‘What is a right task, as opposed to a wrong task?
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One does not simply go to a gym.

The Game Everyone Plays: Life.

Remember the Sims?

Many atrocities against humanity were committed in 'The Sims 2' (2004).

…How can we not? So many died in our hands in ‘The Sims 2’ (2004).

The Sims… that game where you control a character (called a ‘Sim‘), and lead its life.

There’s much to learn from the Sims, as you can liken how they live, to real life…

(For instance, you can actively lead a Sim to become a highly skilled and paid professional, or just lay back and witness your Sim lead a mediocre life.)

The main message is that if you put in no effort, you will have a mediocre life.

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Paranoid Android – Not Recommended…

We have been using Paranoid Android for over two weeks on our Nexus 4, and have gained deep insight into Paranoid’s special features.

We are loving Paranoid's funky robots.

We are loving Paranoid’s arty funk… but that’s pretty much it.

Main finding: While Paranoid does have some nice functions, Paranoid’s main features are more gimmicky, rather than usability enhancing features. Continue reading

Work Smarter – Pomodoro Technique, improved.

Working for too long in one sitting, can cause you to ‘crash‘ and ‘burnout’.

In layman terms, this means that you will lose interest in your work, lose your productivity and say, “I’m gonna do this tomorrow” (procrastination).

Burnouts cause loss of productivity.

F*ck this shit, I’m gonna do this tomorrow,” she said.

Amigos, it’s time to work smarter, not harder…

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