You Probably Don’t Need a 4G Tablet.

Are you looking to buy a ‘4G tablet’? …you know, those tablets where you put in a SIM card, so that you can access the Internet on your tablet, without WiFi?

Tablet with Internet connection, in random exotic locations? OK Amigo.

Do you have a Smartphone? Then you don’t need a 4G tablet; a WiFi tablet will do.

Tip: Forget the 4G tablet; get a WiFi version instead, and connect it to the Internet through your 4G (or 3G) smartphone.

This way, you will not only save money, but also you won’t need to buy a separate data plan for your new tablet.

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No Microsoft Office? No Problem. LibreOffice (free)!

Here’s the situation: You need a good word processor, and your Microsoft Office license has expired (or you don’t even have one!). You are also poor, surviving on cardboard.

You will either:

  1. Find a pirated version, of course, of Microsoft Office, and hope that it works on your computer.
  2. Give up on your search, and just resort to using Microsoft’s WordPad that comes pre-installed on your (Windows) computer.
    • … and you know that WordPad is very limited in functionality, and that it is pretty much useless (“… but hey, at least I’m not breaking any laws…“).
  3. Find a document processor that is, pretty much, as versatile as Microsoft Word, free and legal.

Well today folks, The AmigoTips will be talking about point number 3, with an awesome word processor that comes with… LibreOffice!

Not made with Microsoft Word.

Not made with Microsoft Word.

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Opinion: The Perfect Phone

Which one should I get??

Which one should I get?

What is the best phone, right now? The answer is obviously…? My current phone is considered ‘old’, and it may be the time to look for a replacement. However among the flagship phones, any choice will come with compromises. So, I have decided to compile the best parts of all phones, to describe the ‘perfect phone’ for me. Manufacturers, take notes! Continue reading

HACK: No Can Opener? No problem. (video)

Spaghetti on toast

Never go hungry, again.

Imagine this:

1998. Sydney. Aussies and Kangaroos everywhere, nothing new…

Work finally ended, and he bounces home as fast as he can.

It’s that day of the week, and he can’t wait.

Finally, home. He gets off his kangaroo. He feels his heart pounding faster, as he now rushes towards the front door.

Key. Insert. Not going in. Stuck. God dammit. BAM! Did he died?
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HACK: el Rice cooker – humidifier

The Game’s changed here in Sydney with the weather.

Say Adios to dry nights, dry and sore throats, by turning that seemingly innocent $20 rice cooker into a hot, steamy humidifier baby, it was meant to be.

Cheap $25 rice cooker, aka 'room humidifier'.

Cheap $25 rice cooker, aka ‘room humidifier’.

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