Your Obligation to Look Happy

How do you feel today? Like shite ?

Of course, we all know the feeling. If not today, we have all felt sad / angry / depressed etc. i know that feel bro However, the way we display our emotions can affects others.

For example, if you’ve been around an angry parent or an angry coworker, your emotion would change; you’d feel… apprehensive? Nervous? …Uneasy. They have (consciously or unconsciously) made you feel less than ideal, and robbed you of your happiness. How dare they?


  • I’m not a sociologist nor psychologist, and so take everything below with a grain of salt… but all this makes sense.
  • Also, this article is based on the PragerUniversity’s “Why Be Happy” video; watch it at the end of this article for a nice summary.

Moral obligation: Look happy

Emotions are contagious, and the effects are similar to passive smoking (or ‘second-hand smoking’). You probably wouldn’t want to be around smokers if you’re a non-smoker; it’s unhealthy.

Similarly, we wouldn’t want to be around those who bring us down. (We wouldn’t want to hang out with bullies either.) – They make us feel ‘bad’.

What does this all mean? This means that we have an obligation to be happy, or at least appear happy, for those around us.

If we appear happy, are bringing happiness to those around us… or in the very least, we are not bringing them down.

Conversely, if we appear sad, unhappy or angry, we are making people around us feel uneasy, and have robbed them of their positive state. Consciously or not, we have made them feel like shite. So, the main point becomes this: We have an obligation to look happy.

Share your feelings

Share your feelings with those who you trust, to live a longer, happier life. (Also exercise, but that’s another story.) You can also build stronger relationships through sharing.

“You know, I felt really bad today when…”

However, this should be done in moderation; get things off your chest, but do (your best to) not inflict a bad mood on anyone. How?

Look awesome, to feel awesome.

You may have seen this TED Talk already, or at least have heard of it – Amy Cuddy’s “Your body language shapes who you are“.

Essentially, you can control how you feel, by controlling how you appear and act. So, if you look and act happy (smile, heads up high, open body language etc.), you will feel happy. (Conversely, if you look sad, you will feel sad…)

Nice summary / Source:

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