You Probably Don’t Need a 4G Tablet.

Are you looking to buy a ‘4G tablet’? …you know, those tablets where you put in a SIM card, so that you can access the Internet on your tablet, without WiFi?

Tablet with Internet connection, in random exotic locations? OK Amigo.

Do you have a Smartphone? Then you don’t need a 4G tablet; a WiFi tablet will do.

Tip: Forget the 4G tablet; get a WiFi version instead, and connect it to the Internet through your 4G (or 3G) smartphone.

This way, you will not only save money, but also you won’t need to buy a separate data plan for your new tablet.

How to connect your WiFi tablet, to a 4G (or 3G) network service through your smartphone. 

The process of connecting two devices together, is called ‘tethering‘. You can share the Internet connection of one device, with another. So in this case, you can share your 4G (or 3G) smartphone’s data Internet connection, with your WiFi tablet (… or even your laptop).

  • We will show you how to tether your phone and tablet together.
  • We are using an Android phone (…a LG Google Nexus 4, running the latest Android version 5.0, ‘Lollipop’), and an Android (WiFi) tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5).
  • Note: You can use iPads and iPhones.
  • (Also, confirm that your SIM network provider allows tethering… which should be the case 90% of the time.)

Steps to tether your phone and tablet

  1. (Phone) Go to Settings > ‘More’ > ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’ > and enable ‘Bluetooth tethering’.


    Follows Step 1 in the instructions. Click to expand image.

  2. (Tablet) Go to Settings > under the Connections tab, enable Bluetooth.
  3. (Tablet) You will see your phone in the Available Devices (after your tablet Scans automatically). Select it (in this case, we select our Nexus 4), and then ‘OK’.


    Follows Steps 2-3 amigo.

  4. (Phone) You will have a popup (as shown in the image). Select ‘Pair’, and then you will see your tablet under ‘Paired Devices’ (as shown).
  5. (Tablet) You will also see your phone as ‘Paired’, under ‘Paired Devices’. Select the gear symbol next to it, as shown.

    Follows Steps

    Follows Steps 4-5.

  6. (Tablet) Select ‘Internet access’, and then it will change from ‘Use for Internet access’ to ‘Connected to device for Internet Access’
  7. (Phone) Check that your tablet is ‘Connected’ under Paired devices.


    Follows the final Steps 6-7! Bien bien, very bien amigo perro.


Congratulations. Now you have:

  • Internet access on your WiFi tablet, wherever you are, as long as you have your smartphone, and a good signal.
  • Extra $$$ ($100?) in your pocket.


  • Bluetooth, which is used to tether your phone and tablet together, can be considered a battery drainer, so as we have advised (Battery Saving Tactics for Backpackers), turn it off when you’re not using it.

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