Facing Life’s Harsh Truths…

Amigos and Amigas, this post may be depressing ( / inspirational)… :/

…but for what it is, it is the grim reality that you will realize one day, if you haven’t already.

So, this means that you can choose to live in ignorance, or carry on and read some of life’s harsh truths (and potential solutions to these truths 😀 ).

the-matrix - Copy

Red pill (truth), or blue pill (ignorance)?

As they say in Spain, “no seas un coño“, or “May you use them to your advantage” …

1. The world doesn’t care if you are hurting or broken.

Ouch. 😦

As children, we grow up believing that we are a caring community. As a caring community, we look out for one another, and do our best to support each other.

Now, unless you’ve been living in some fantasy world, you’d realize that this isn’t how the world works.

Most people are fundamentally only concerned with the value you can provide for them.

For example, are you feeling sad? Perhaps you think you have depression? Well then, you need some support. Time to go to the local GP / doctors… or a shrink psychologist. But of course, they will not want to see some stranger, unless they have the money.

Friends... or "Friends"?

Friends… or… “friends“?  😮

This could also apply to some, many or all your friends. They may leave you very quickly, if you stop being fun, or stimulating enough for them. They are going to leave you, for exciting people / ventures.

The only people that may care about you, are those who share your own genes. But of course, not everyone is close to their family… :/

What can you do about this truth?Keep-calm-and-carry-on-scan

You can be sad about this truth, and accuse others as being shallow. However this won’t accomplish anything. You just have to acknowledge it for what it is, and… as cliche as it sounds, stay calm and carry on. 

The world doesn’t care if you are hurting or broken. But remember this:

This truth shouldn’t be a reason for you to ignore the hurting and broken, when you can do something to help.

  • Don’t be another nobody; become somebody by helping that individual. 

2. You will meet people in life, who are just downright better than you.

You meet more new people as you live your life, and you may become envious of some of them – their wealth, their intelligence, their strength, power, influence, health, personality etc.

You may want to become like them… or eliminate the competition.

No, it doesn't have to be this way.

No, it doesn’t have to be this way…

So, what can we about with these people?

You can get on the self-improvement path, and use these people as a source for motivation and inspiration.

You could also surround yourself with these people, and learn from them. Absorb their powers. Eat their flesh. Drink their blood. etc. etc., you’ve heard it all before. 

Use these people, to become a better you.

3. Some people you meet in life, are just going to dislike you.

It could be for any reason, including physical appearance, despite the fact that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

You can try to be friendly… but these people will not be persuaded by your friendly charms.

You shouldn’t let this concern you, because you can’t do anything about it. Also, you don’t have the time to waste on these people, who cause you to doubt yourself, and feel bad; life’s too short.

Solution:dirt off shoulder - Copy

As the philosopher Jay-Z once said,

“…Get that dirt off your shoulder…”

…and move on. Screw these people.

“Come mierda José…”

One thing to note:

Are you the source of your own misery?

Are you the source of your own misery?

If you constantly find yourself surrounded by these dicks ‘people’, perhaps you are the cause of your own misery… in which case, you may want to work on yourself.

4. You will never reach an age, where you will have things completely figured out.

You may have noticed this, with your parents. Growing up (…as you do…), you may have thought that they just knew everything

…but slowly realized that they are just confused, and scared about the future, as you may be. 😦

On the Upside… 

…This means that there is nothing to wait for. Today, you’re as qualified as you are going to get today, and as confident as you let yourself to be.

Do you have a dream / goal? If yes (and you should), take a deep breath, (make a plan) and make it happen.As cheesy as it may sound, "Reach for the stars"

“Cómo llegar a las luces brillantes”

e.g. Mrs. Cha, the 68 year old South Korean granny, was persistent enough, and finally realized her goal. She had previously failed 949 times, but was able to overcome the challenge, to pass the written exam for a driver’s license. Good job, Mrs. Cha. 

So, it’s never too late to go after something you really want. Make it happen; the time is now.

Sigh… That wasn’t so bad, was it.

Now you know some of the world’s harsh truths, and can face them head on, gently for now, with some of the described solutions 😎

Comment below if you’ve got a big mouth

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