Download a country’s full map, with Nokia’s Here Maps (for Android!)

Travelling overseas? Backpacking? You’ll agree that it’s probably a good idea to have some map of your destination country…

Heck, but if you’re like me, you don’t like carrying around paper. Instead, we have our smartphones!


Sweet-as 3D view of buildings, and also accommodation details (among others).

And good news for Android Users: Nokia’s Here Maps is finally available for Android!

You may be thinking,

I‘ve already got a good, functional map app, called Google Maps? And Google Maps is the best?

OK amigo/a/friend… but with Google Maps, you can’t download full maps of countries, for offline viewing.

However with Here Maps…

obamaHere Maps has a distinct advantage over Google Maps.

This advantage? Download full, complete maps, of entire countries, for offline usage. In other words, you are able to view the map of an entire country, without internet connection!

Yep. Just downloading a full map of Australia... You never know when you'll need one, and there is no internet connection.

Yep. Just downloading a full map of Australia… You never know when you have no internet connection, and need a local map.

In case you are wondering, it has the usual map app ‘requirements’, including:

  • Driving navigation (with voice assistance. You can pick the accent and gender).
  • Public transportation (and walking) information.
  • Nearby things like restaurants, cafes, accommodation, museums, tourist attractions, businesses etc.
Check out Here Maps with this link, and test your Google Maps loyalty!

(Check out this comparison, if you need more information.)

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