Phone Battery Saving Tactics, for Travelling

When you go travelling, you are probably going to take your phone with you. And why shouldn’t you? Smartphones are more than just phones. For our trip, they can:

  • take (decent) photos for your journey,
  • connect to the Internet (for you to update your Instagram or Facebook),
  • contain your itinerary (to save those trees),
  • act as an emergency flashlight… and more.

Essentially, smartphones are multi-functional devices that can make our travels (and life) easier. It may even save your life.


Today, the AmigoTips is here to share those the battery-saving tactics, some which may be obvious, that will actually make a difference (none of that ‘disable widgets’ thing), that you should know for your next trip.

Here’s is your typical scenario…

Typical Scenario:

  • You are travelling in a foreign country (such as one in South East Asia!).
  • You saving money, by staying in backpackers (with WiFi of course).
  • You have no local cellular service.


Now, some battery-saving hacks that will actually make a difference:

1. Airplane Mode: On.

Airplane Mode sometimes turns your phone into an airplane.

Airplane Mode sometimes turn iPhones into airplanes… fact?

(…the answer to that caption, is no.) Airplane mode is one of the best ways to save battery life.

You don’t have cellular service in this foreign destination, so let your phone relax and stop looking for a cellular connection, by turning Airplane Mode on.

  • Stock Android: Settings -> More -> Airplane mode.

Note: While Airplane Mode is turned on,

  • You can still use WiFi (in your hostel or some cafe, McDonalds etc.). Just remember to turn WiFi on, after you turn Airplane Mode on.

2. WiFi: Off.

If you are going to go out (from your hostel with WiFi), remember to turn WiFi off before leaving. Otherwise, your phone will struggle as it looks for WiFi, while you are on some hike to Monkey Beach (Penang, Malaysia).penang

Also, remember to turn WiFi off whenever you don’t need WiFi (like perhaps, when you are sleeping). This is to prevent those random apps (like Facebook) from connecting to the internet, behind your back, and use up your precious battery life.

  • Stock Android: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Off.

I’m trying to get people to my new website, so continue with the rest of the article, here!

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