Efficient Screen Usage

When we work, we often have many programs opened at once.

For example, we may have Chrome (or Safari) open, and we have Microsoft Word open… and we have some file explorer, and another Chrome window for YouTube, the news, and finally, the boring lecture slides from yesterday…

If you didn’t know, these are in individual ‘windows‘… and sometimes, we end up with too many windows.


… and we panic.KEEP CALM

Cry no more, as The AmigoTips is here to help you manage your multiple windows, on one screen.

1. Windows Snap

This one is probably most obvious, and you may have used it before. If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you can snap your windows to either side of your screen by:

  • Dragging your window to the left (or right) side of your screen, or
  • Pressing the Windows Key + Left arrow key (or right).
    • Pressing the Windows Key + Up arrow key will maximize the window on the whole screen.


The issue with this is that you can set only 2 things on screen at once… We can do better!

… but hey! We are trying to get readers to our new website. So, continue with the article, for free (of course), here: 



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