Moving Day! Introducing

Fellow Amigos!

Around 5 months ago, AmigoTips ( was created to give you the best tips. These ‘AmigoTips‘ were written with strict guidelines and standards, to have a killer combination:

  • Readability and Concision, for our short attention-span and pleasure.
  • Simplicity, to help readers right now, including your friends and familia.
  • Usefulness, with the tools and psychological tricks, to help you focus, and reach to your goals.

Bottom line: has been producing consistent content, to help you in your daily life, and we have doing very well (accidentally?), with over 500 international subscribers in the AmigoTips Club! 


Anyhow, it is moving day, as we now have a domain!

(…because www. AmigoTips .com was taken!)

…but, what does this mean???

  • Fellow Amigos of the AmigoTips Club, as well as followers, do not worry. Your subscriptions have been automatically transferred to the new website (…unless you want out? Let us know.).
  • New content will appear in the new website,, rather than this website (
  • Old content here, will also appear in the new website.

That is all everyone. Thank you all; we wouldn’t have made it this far without your support.

TLDR: Watch out for future AmigoTips, on!

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