The Right Tasks to our Dreams… (and Leonardo)

Here’s a simple tip to get you closer to your goal, whether it’d be a dream car… or house, possession, partner etc.: Choose the right tasks!

Nice house.

…Wouldn’t mind living in this, to be honest…

Choosing the right tasks is crucial, to propel you towards the things you want in life.

The question is: ‘What is a right task, as opposed to a wrong task?

(The basis for this article is by Oliver Emberton.)

In the previous AmigoTip entry, we learned about real life, as if it was a video game (the Sims).

Key points:

  • You are either the driver of your life, or the passenger.
  • You won’t achieve anything and will live a mediocre life, if you are the passenger.
  • You can choose to be a driver by doing the right tasks.
  • The right tasks get you closer to your dreams, by getting you the skills and experiences necessary to achieve your dreams.
  • You can be an effective driver by keeping the 3 states high.

By now, we know that everything we do affects our 3 states – Health, Energy and Willpower.

In addition, the activities we choose to do, gets us experience and skills.

Do the right tasks…

…to gain the right skills and experience.

Then, your dreams will be in your grasp.

The Pro Surfer dream

To demonstrate right tasks and wrong tasks, let’s say that it is our dream to become professional surfers.

The Right Task

We decide to go surfing on a beautiful Saturday morning… surf - Copy

  • We love surfing, so the decision to go surfing, over non-appealing activities (like studying), costs little willpower.
  • However, much energy is used throughout the activity; surfing gets us tired.
  • We didn’t get smashed against the rocks, nor lose any limbs to sharks, so our our health hasn’t changed.
  • On the bright side, our skills and experience as surfers, increase.

After surfing, we have increased skills and experience in surfing. This makes us better surfers than yesterday, and thus, close to reaching our dream.

We did the right thing that day, by choosing the right task for our goal; congrats.

Time to celebrate with El Donkey the Fiesta Horse

Time to bring out El Donkey the Fiesta Horse, and celebrate!

The Wrong Task

On the flipside, lets imagine that instead of going surfing, we went crowd surfing instead.


Crowd-surfing… the wrong kind of surfing. 

This is the wrong kind of surfing, so this activity would not help us towards our goal.

  • As it doesn’t help us, it would be considered a wrong task for our goal.
  • (However, our skill as ‘crowd surfer‘ has increased.)
    • … but before you decide to celebrate with El Donkey the Fiesta Horse, we cannot imagine where this crowd-surfer skill would be useful… 😦

Similarly, instead of going surfing, we wondered:

What is the connection

between Leonardo Di Caprio,

Leonardo Da Vinci,

and Da Vinci Code???

… and spent the day researching. During this activity:

  • We broke no bones (that we know of), and so our health hasn’t changed.
  • We forgot to eat and so we are hungry; our energy levels have gone down.
  • As we wanted to know why on earth Leonardo DiCaprio was named that way, it was easy to keep on researching; little willpower was used.

The following skills and experiences would have increased: researching, scanning and stalking.

However we wouldn’t be any closer to reaching our pro-surfer goal.

  • As this activity didn’t help us progress towards our goal, it can be considered a wrong task.
"Yes, Lionardo is my name."

The famous Hollywood painter.

As you can hopefully see from our example, all actions have consequences. These consequences affect our 3 states, and also affect our level of skills and experiences.

So, to reach our targets and goals, choose the right tasks, to increase the right skills and experiences.

(Having the right skills and experiences will open new doors, towards our dreams…)

Remember to keep track of your progress and your goals!

What are your goals? What right or wrong tasks have you been doing? Let us know!

(Also, can you find a better connection? What is the truth behind the Leonardo conspiracy??)

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