One does not simply go to a gym.

The Game Everyone Plays: Life.

Remember the Sims?

Many atrocities against humanity were committed in 'The Sims 2' (2004).

…How can we not? So many died in our hands in ‘The Sims 2’ (2004).

The Sims… that game where you control a character (called a ‘Sim‘), and lead its life.

There’s much to learn from the Sims, as you can liken how they live, to real life…

(For instance, you can actively lead a Sim to become a highly skilled and paid professional, or just lay back and witness your Sim lead a mediocre life.)

The main message is that if you put in no effort, you will have a mediocre life.

“Do you lead your life, or does life lead you?

Are you the driver of your life, or the passenger?

Do you want to be someone?”

Join the gang? Your choice...

Join the gang? Your choice…

(This article is based on very popular articles by Oliver Emberton.)

Let us explore life, as if it were a game… because life is a game that everyone ‘plays’.

Note: Successful players know where to put their resources, so managing your resources well will help you become successful. More on this later.

The Beginning – Tutorial Missions

We begin this game of life, when we get assigned a random character, living under random circumstances.

For the first 17 (or so) years, we go through ‘Tutorial Missions‘.

Yes, tutorial missions are usually boring. However, it is necessary; we (hopefully) learn the necessary skills to become responsible adults and good citizens of society.

We learn basics of life, such as eating, sleeping, communication, relationships and basic ethics.

It was the good ol’ days

We didn’t really have to worry about much. We just went to school, came home, and repeated the next day.

It was back in the days when music was good, and things like ‘twerking‘ and ‘Mikey Sirus‘ didn’t leave us confused and abused.

In fact, they didn’t even exist back then; those were the good days.

We slowly turn into adults

guy - Copy

A fully grown adult.


The Young Adult

As we turn into adults, we have greater independence.

With this independence, we have more power to turn our lives into something extraordinary, and make an impact in the world.

It’s all about choices at this stage. We can choose to let life lead us, or lead our lives to success.

We can choose go for that dream job, that dream house, that dream car, dream partner, possessions etc. We can choose to make it a reality.

...Wouldn't mind living in that, to be honest.

Wouldn’t mind living there to be honest.

However, to be a good driver of life with many prospects and opportunities, we need the right skills and experiences.

We are not like the Sims.

To get skills and experiences needed to get what we want, we need to make right choices. These right choices, in turn, help us get the needed skills and experiences.

For an example, lets go back to the Sims.

  • If you wanted your Sim to become a highly paid concert pianist, you would simply command your Sim to play and practise the piano.
  • Their musical skills and abilities would increase.
  • Over time, they would meet the requirements to get that concert pianist job… and get it.

Awesome. We can use the same principle and get the dream body that we want, by going to a gym, working out, (and do other things) and eventually, we will get our dream body.

However, as we all know… One does not simply go to a gym.

This is because we have limits. For example:

  1. We may be uninspired and have no motivation.
  2. We may be tired.
  3. We are not some silly Sim monkey.

These limits can be summed by 3 states. (For the link to page 2, just look down a few lines, above the tags.)

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