Work Smarter – Pomodoro Technique, improved.

Working for too long in one sitting, can cause you to ‘crash‘ and ‘burnout’.

In layman terms, this means that you will lose interest in your work, lose your productivity and say, “I’m gonna do this tomorrow” (procrastination).

Burnouts cause loss of productivity.

F*ck this shit, I’m gonna do this tomorrow,” she said.

Amigos, it’s time to work smarter, not harder…

Pomodoro Technique

Quick Overview

  1. Work for 25 minutes.
  2. Take a short break.
  3. Repeat from Step 1.

    Pomodoro ('Tomato' in Italian).

    Pomodoro (‘Tomato’ in Italian).

Problems of the Pomodoro Technique

  • Work (study) takes mental effort, and you’d rather relax, rather than put in the effort.
  • How long is a ‘short’ break?
  • You can’t initially be expected to study for 25 minutes straight, when:
    • you don’t want to study, and
    • you’re not even in the zone.

AmigoTip Modifications on the Pom. Technique

I have been using a modified version of the Pomodoro Technique since university, before I even knew this technique existed.

  • We will aim to work (study) for 20 minutes straight, eventually.
Before you begin:
  • Know what you are meant to be doing; have a goal / target, e.g.
    • “I will complete 5 questions of this assignment in this 1 hour session”. (Sounds like a long time, but it’s not really when you have breaks, and you’re in the zone).
    • “I will finish this assignment.”
    • You may want to challenge yourself, but keep it realistic and achievable homie.
  • Aim to get into the zone, in your work time.

    Prepare to focus.

    Preparation is key amigos; don’t go directionless.

1. Work time (5 minutes initially).

  • In this step, you are working (studying or whatever), 100%; full-on, focused work.
  • Distractions are not permitted.
    • Force yourself to keep on track.
    • AmigoTip: If you must, write down your distraction in one sentence on a ‘distraction confession‘ paper, and get back to work. It’s only 5 minutes!
  • As mentioned before, try to get into the zone. It will help time go by, as you mindlessly make progress!

2. Quick Evaluation (10 seconds max).

  • Were you able to keep focused for the entire time in Step 1?
    • Yes: Good! Increase your next work time a little bit… say, 3-5 more minutes.
    • No: Decrease your next work time by about 3 minutes. Minimum should be 5 minutes.

3. Break time.

  • Don’t skip this step! It’s important to prevent your brain from burning out, and crashing!
  • The length of this time should be reasonable.
    • Did you work for 5 minutes? Then have a 3 minute break. Did you work for 20 minutes? Then have a 5 minute break…
  • Don’t focus on your work; let your brain rest.
  • This is the opportunity for you to:
    • Get up.
    • Stretch.
    • Get your heart pumping. 
  • AmigoTip recommendiones: 
    • Take a short walk, even if that means walking in a circle; it helps.
    • Go outside if you can.
    • Push ups.

      Do it. Pushups.

      Do it. You can do it ladies!

  • Finally, take a slightly longer break (15 minutes) every hour.
    • This longer break may be your 3rd or 4th break. This is to give your brain a longer time to recharge, so remember to take it easy and chill.

4. Repeat from Step 1, if work is not complete.

  • Stop your session, when your target (which you have set before Step 1 as written) is met!

There you go; another AmigoTip to help you complete your work and become successful, meet your dream partner, go to space, bring balance to the force and win in life.

El Donkey the Fiesta Horse

El Donkey de Fiesta Horse

Helpful tips… so help your amigos.

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