HACK: No Can Opener? No problem. (video)

Spaghetti on toast

Never go hungry, again.

Imagine this:

1998. Sydney. Aussies and Kangaroos everywhere, nothing new…

Work finally ended, and he bounces home as fast as he can.

It’s that day of the week, and he can’t wait.

Finally, home. He gets off his kangaroo. He feels his heart pounding faster, as he now rushes towards the front door.

Key. Insert. Not going in. Stuck. God dammit. BAM! Did he died?

No. The door is down. His kick showed no mercy. So close…

The aura as he enters the kitchen, nice… and he opens the kitchen pantry. There she is – the can; his favourite can, in the world.

Just then, he realises that he doesn’t actually have a can opener…

What is the point of living?

He gives up, longingly stares at his can, cupped in his hands. He cries silently, alone… Tragic.

Don’t be like this guy. If he knew of AmigoTips, he wouldn’t have ended up in that situation, because there’s a hack for this…

Opening a can, without a can opener.

Things you need:

  1. Can.
  2. Knife with a corner near the handle.
  3. Snacks, in case you get hungry.

    Knife should have a pointy end near the handle.

    El knife should have a pointy end near the handle.


  1. Firmly grip the knife (by the handle).
  2. Place sharp corner of the knife (just above the handle), in the inner edge of the can.
  3. Slowly and carefully push down on the knife by the corner, and you will pierce open the can.
  4. Slowly and carefully repeat steps 2-3 along the inner edge, as you open the top of the can.
  5. …Or just watch this video: 

Never go hungry, again.

The can opener, when you have no can opener.

The can opener, when you have no can opener.

Warning / Notes:

  • Kids, let a responsible adult do this.
  • May require a bit of grunt.
  • May blunt the corner of your knife.
  • Use a real can opener where you can.

AmigoTips just saved your life.

Be a hero and share this with your loved ones, before it’s too late.

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