Get some Work Done Today – Get into the Zone

Amigos, you will have to agree that there are ‘too many’ distractions around us, especially when we have something ‘important’ to do.


We have suffered from distractions and procrastination, at work, school, college and other areas of life. Fact is that we are humans and distractions and procrastination are… natural.

AmigoTips is here to give you the simplest advice that we personally use, to manage these human tendencies, so that you can actually get some work done, today. 

It’s all about getting into the ‘zone’, or a state of flow.

The Zone?

When you are in the zone (aka a ‘state of flow),

…you are ‘fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus… complete absorption in what one does’ (Wikipedia).

You will recognise when you are in the zone. You will be fully immersed in whatever you’re doing. Do you like what you are doing, when you are in a state of flow? – You don’t know because you haven’t thought of that question, since you are so focused on your activity.

You are, however, loving the results of being fully immersed in this state of flow, since your productivity level has increased, so that you are actually producing results; actually working!

Your work? Yup, you are surprised when you realise how much progress you have, after being in a state of flow.

Britney Spears album called In The Zone.

In The Zone (2003), with Britney Spears. Kind of relevant.

The trouble, in front of a computer

Admittedly, I have trouble getting in the zone when I’m in front of a computer. There’s YouTube… there’s Facebook, and also our friend Tom on MySpace, the world news that we have to know about just because, random articles here and there… Reddit, 9gag, Wikipedia etc., take your pick.

We go on autodrive, and lose productivity time.

 AmigoTips on getting into the Zone

1. Have an achievable goal.

  • Know what the heck you are actually meant to be doing. If it helps, write it down on paper, and refer to it when you become scared and confused.

2. Block websites.

  • Block those websites that you know will cause distractions, using browser extensions.
  • Are you using Chrome Browser? I recommend ‘BlockSite‘. It’s very simple to use, adhering to one of AmigoTips principles.

    You will appreciate the humor in 'Block site' for Chrome.

    Bill is only trying to help.

3. Avoid flame wars.

Flame war: An acrimonious (angry and resentful) argument, over the internet.

  • If you are passionate or personally involved about the website’s topic, and there’s a comments / discussion section with ‘idiots’, then there’s a good chance that you will feel the urge to teach them a lesson!
    • “How dare they say that about my country?” – nationalism / patriotism / racism.
    • “iPhones are better than Galaxies” – brand affinity / loyalty.
    • “Higher taxes for the poor / Send refugees back (Tony Abbot btw)” – politics, ethics, human (and animal) rights, discrimination.
    • “Jesus > Justin Bieber” – sexism.

      Don’t be like this amigo. Don’t let their problem become yours. (XKCD)

  • AmigoTip recommendaciones: Stay away from the comments section. You don’t want to be instigated by some idiot, especially on the internet.
  • If you are instigated, take a deep breath, close that website, stand up and go for a minute walk; distract yourself, and realise that these idiots. Also you have better things to do than trying to change the mind of these unfortunate bigots.

4. Music?

  • If there is some music that helps you relax / concentrate (and not party, nor sing along), listen to it to help you chill and focus.
  • AmigoTip recommendaciones: Progressive house music baby (… is ‘chilled’, but also energetic and melodic. link to online radio).

5. Clear distracting objects.

  • Your Galaxy smartphone… Does it really need to be on the table? It could distract you… Put it on silent, and put it in your bag.

6. Change work environment.

  • I can’t concentrate in this place“? Take your work to the library where it’s quiet. Also recommended: a chilled café with good music (see #4).
University of Michigan Law Library

This beautifully eerie library is the University of Michigan Law Library

Extra AmigoTip:

  • If the task is mundane as hell, be smart and take regular breaks. You will avoid becoming entirely unproductive due to burnout / overwork.
  • Recommended: 15 minutes of full-on work, and 5 minutes break where you actually get out of your seat and get physical / move around. (Similar to the Tomato technique).

There you have it – AmigoTips to get into the zone, and actually get work done.

What techniques have you employed, to get into the zone?

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