Goals? Track your progress! Part Uno

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We all have goals and dreams. (If not, you definitely should! It will keep you motivated in life, with a sense of purpose and clarity, among other positive things; read more here)

However, we don’t always track them… and eventually, we forget about them and ‘just exist’ with no sense of direction in life.

Then you realise that your life has no purpose, and has no meaning… and so you fall into a downward spiral towards clinical depression.

Thankfully, we can take action to avoid this state of meaninglessness and stagnation, by keeping track of our goals.

It is time, to wake up, focus and become the driver of your life.

It is time, to wake up, focus and become the driver of your life.

When you track your goals, you’re constantly reminded of what you are aiming for, and what actions you are taking to reach your goals. Tracking keeps you focused, and helps you look forward to tacking the challenges in life!


AmigoTips on how You can track your goals

What you’ll need:

  1. Clear goals
  2. Calendar
  3. (Optional) Snacks in case you get hungry
A boring calendar with a month view.

A calendar with a month view, like this one… Looks boring for now; Transform it with your progress!

I like to use a calendar to log my progress. What’s so neat about calendars?

  • You have a clear visualisation of your month.
  • You can make it colourful, making it more appealing (especially good for tracking).
  • You can count down to weekends, and public holidays… and your planned holiday!


  1. Associate a colour and code, for each goal.
  2. For each day in which you take action towards meeting a goal, draw a small circle and write the goal’s code inside the circle, for that day in the calendar. Colour in this circle with the goal’s associated colour (making it colourful and visually stand out); log down your actions.
  3. At the end of the calendar month, you will end up with a calendar that’s not blank for a change. It will be colourful and have codes, all indicating that you have taken steps and actions towards meeting your goals! Admire it; it represents your hard work and dedication!
  4. (Optional) Celebrate your progress, at the end of each month:


  • Look at your calendar at least once a day – it will remind you that you have to fill it out as you take actions towards your goals!
  • Oh, you see blank days in your calendar? Breaks are fine, but continuous blanks may be an indication that you are slacking off, and need to put in some work towards meeting your goals! COME ON!
  • As a starter, for each goal you have, try to get 3 days coloured.
    • So, perhaps on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, you can work on your goal of say, learning a new language (1 hour each session).
  • As mentioned before, you must be clear on your goals, and the steps to take to reach them. (Simple stuff! Amigotips here)

So there you have it – very simple steps in which you can use a calendar, to log, track, monitor (etc.) your progress towards your goals.

Take action today – anyone and everyone can improve their life.

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Edit: This post has been expanded. Why not have a calendar online, which you can access on your smartphone or work / public computer? More AmigoTips on this, here.

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