Samsung Galaxy S5 >> HTC One (M8). Part Uno.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

There are numerous comparisons, for the two smartphones that are regarded as the best smartphones around today – the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the HTC One (M8). Most comparisons conclude that both phones are very good phones, and you’ll be happy with either. …OK, great, but which one is better? That is the real question, debated by smartphone enthusiasts, scholars, scientists and all other living organisms alike.

My perspective is that you will be a more satisfied customer, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 than the HTC One (M8).

In a series of posts, I will explain why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better choice than the HTC One (M8), in a subjective comparison. This will eliminate personal bias I have towards whichever phone, and will help you make the easy decision when picking for yourself, family and friends.

HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)


Part 1: Camera comparison

  1. The HTC uses a 4MP rear camera. It uses a technology by HTC call “UltraPixel”; they market it a “4 UltraPixel camera”. Effectively, this technology allows for good photos specifically in low-light situations.
  2. The Samsung uses a a 16MP rear camera, using their new ISOCELL technology. If you really need to know what this means, watch this video explanation. This technology allows the Samsung’s camera to perform very well in all conditions, including low-light situations.  
  3. So, we have the HTC’s 4MP camera, and the Samsung’s 16MP camera. What do these numbers mean?
    • MPs (megapixels) represent the resolution of an image. Basically, images with higher MPs have higher levels of details than images with lower MPs.

      Photo comparison 2 - Galaxy S5 is more detailed than the One (M8)

      Left (Galaxy S5) showing more details than the Right (One M8) (GSMArena). Click to see in higher resolution (better detail).

    • For the comparison, this means that the Samsung has 4 times the amount of resolution, compared to the HTC, i.e. 4 times the level of detail in photos.
    • You are able to zoom in much, much more (4 times more), without losing quality, with the Samsung compared to the HTC.

      Image comparison - Galaxy S5 shows more detail than the One (M8)

      Left (Galaxy S5) shows more detail than the Right (One M8)) (GSMArena).

    • …i.e. Zoom in, and crop photos, without compromising photo quality, with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

      Right (One (M8)) zoomed in, to match size of Left (Galaxy S5). Note the different levels of detail.

      Right (One (M8)) zoomed in, to match size of Left (Galaxy S5). Note the different levels of detail (GSMArena).

  4. Blind test results from major English smartphone websites (and most likely others too), indicate that the HTC One (M8) does not stand a chance against the Samsung Galaxy S5.
    • Blind camera tests are tests where the readers vote for the best photos, without knowing what phones were used to take the photos. They are effectively a way to find the best cameras, while reducing the amount of bias (from fanboys [and girls!]).
    • The judgement of photos would, in my opinion, be based on:
      • The colour reproduction (i.e. does it look real?)
      • The clarity (i.e. the level of detail).
    • Results speak for themselves:

      Blind test results, from PhoneArena.

      Blind test results (PhoneArena).

Bottom line

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a much, much better camera than the HTC One (M8), in all situations. This means that the Galaxy S5 produces much better photos, and the photos are able to be manipulated with more versatility, much more than the One (M8).

You will be much better off with the Samsung Galaxy S5, than the HTC One M8, if you want better photos.

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